About OfWineandRibbons

About Of Wine and Ribbons:

This idea started with Amanda running to Shu during her lunch hour in school proclaiming the need to bring students cheap fashion. Over the course of a few months, the duo met up (even once on Valentine’s Day!) and had numerous conference calls to discuss and finally settled on a name by means of drawing lots.

We both hope to see this become a success because who doesn’t like cheap clothes? We have grand visions for this humble blogshop so do lend us your support!

About Sheryl (Co-Founder):

Sheryl (also lovingly known as Shu) is a Year 3 Mass Communication student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The bubbly, chattier one out of the trio, she loves to hang out with Aja and Siaks over some good food and drinks, window-shop online (budget barbie alert!) or treating her family to a karaoke concert at the comfort of her own bathroom. Or you know, just chuckling out loud to the latest episode of a comedy drama online. The possibilities are endless.

Sheryl’s style is 80% monochrome and 20% colourful. She is very comfortable in black and white but occasionally indulges in a pop of colour. Like any shopaholic, she gets very excited at a good buy or simply, a sale.

Sheryl loves writing on her online blog (http://withlovesheryl.blogspot.com) about the happenings of her life, short stories, absolutely random thoughts and heartfelt opinions about the little things that the world has to offer.

Sheryl’s Measurements:

UK Size 6
Height: 157cm
Bust – 31”
Waist – 25”
Hip – 34”

About Amanda (Co-Founder):

Amanda, nicknamed: AJA, is a Year 3 Business and Social Enterprise student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Though outwardly glamorous – she is actually a closet auntie and would like nothing more than to lounge around everywhere in pyjamas, glasses and hair velcro-ed out of the way if she could. She often spends her time daydreaming and indulging in creative reprieves and as such can proudly claim to have knitting and crocheting skills in her repertoire. She also dabbles in dubious-looking concoctions also known as homemade facial masks and often dishes out beauty advice and tips to Shu and Siaks.

Amanda is a lover of all things bright, colourful and adventurous and has an extensive wardrobe with an eclectic fashion sense to match. She doesn’t bother keeping up with trends and often frequents thrift and secondhand shops to get a cheap thrill, literally.

Look out for some of Amanda’s handmade accessories in our various collections that have been coo-ed and squealed over by Shu.

Amanda’s Measurements:

UK Size 6/8
Height: 168cm
Bust – 33”
Waist – 26”
Hip – 36”

Most of the clothes are modeled by Amanda and sometimes, our BFF Vera! Do check out our measurements to gauge clothing fittings.

About Vera (Model):

Vera (her friends hardly use this name; a.k.a siaks) is studying in SIM. Her main interest lies in band music, rather than the typical pop songs on radio. She loves to meet new people and is the goofiest amongst the three of them.

Unconventional beauty? She walks the talk! Vera believes that true beauty lies in being healthy and fit without having to conform to society’s ideal image of perfection!

Vera’s Measurements :

UK Size 6/8
Height: 163cm
Bust – 32”
Waist – 26”
Hip – 35”


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