Collection 6

Hello everybody! Yes we’ve been aware for a long time, we deeply and sincerely apologise for this hiatus as we ran into quite a lot of problems with our previous supplier! Not to worry though, we’ve since switched to a more reliable source and hope to serve all of you better and faster 🙂 This time around, we’ve focused more on versatile and quality pieces that can be worn for both casual outings or dressed up for a day at the office.

Paige Blouse – $21.00

S – Length: 22.5″ Chest: 36″ Sleeve: 23.5″
M – Length: 23.5″ Chest: 37″ Sleeve: 24.5″
L – Length: 24.5″ Chest: 38″ Sleeve 25.5″

Celine A-Line Skirt – $22

S – Length: 25″ Waist: 25″
M – Length: 25″ Waist: 26.5″L – Length: 25″ Waist: 28″

Also available in maroon, black, apple green, navy blue and rose pink

Rue Bandage Dress – $15.50

XS – Length: 28.5″ Chest: 32″ PtP: 12.5″
S – Length: 29″ Chest: 33.5″ PtP: 13″
M – Length: 29.5″ Chest: 35″ PtP: 13.5″L – Length: 30″ Chest: 36.5″ PtP: 14″
XL – Length: 30.5″ Chest: 38″ PtP: 14.5″
XXL – Length: 31″ Chest: 39.5″ PtP: 15″

Also available in a neon green/black combination

Andrea Printed Chiffon Dress – $17

Length: 31″ Waist: 30″ Chest: 34.5″

Aida Polka Dot Dress – $15.50

XS – Length: 30″ Chest: 27.5″ Waist: 25″
S – Length: 30.5″ Chest: 29″ Waist: 26.5″M – Length: 31″ Chest: 30.5″ Waist: 28″
L – Length: 31.5″ Chest: 32″ Waist: 29.5″
XL – Length: 32″ Chest: 33.5″ Waist: 31″
XXL – Length: 32.5″ Chest: 35″ Waist: 32.5″


Genevieve Lace Dress – $20

S – Length: 33.5″ Chest: 31 – 33.5″ Waist: 27.5″
M – Length: 34″ Chest: 32.5 – 35″ Waist: 28.5″
L – Length: 34.5″ Chest: 34 – 36.5″ Waist: 30″

Sofia Flutter Dress – $18.50

S – Chest: 34.5″ Length: 34″
M – Chest: 35″ Length: 34.5″
L – Chest: 35.5″ Length: 35″


Bernadette Oriental Dress – $18

S – Chest:  34.5″ Waist: 27.5″ Length: 33.5″
M – Chest: 35″ Waist: 28.5″ Length: 34″
L -Chest: 35.5″ Waist: 29.5″ Length: 34.5″

Liora Bird Printed Dress – $22

S – Chest: 33.5″ Length: 37.5″
M – Chest: 35″ Length: 38″
L – Chest: 36.5″ Length: 38.5″



We’re Back!

It’s been a really busy few months for us here at Of Wine And Ribbons, but don’t worry, we’re still here! We apologise for the lack of updates and new collections but we promise to strive even harder to bring you quality clothing at affordable prices! Do continue to place your orders through the order form and we will get back to you shortly!

A new collection is coming your way really soon so watch this space! 🙂

Meanwhile, we are excited to announce that we are officially sponsoring for MYCA 2014 and will be attending their event this Friday!
Do come down to Home Club, 7pm, 17 January 2014 to support us!

For more information, do check out 


Collection 5

Hey lovelies, we’ve been working hard picking pieces for Collection 5; The Christmas Collection! Tis’ the time to be jolly and make merry and we hope you’ll do so in style with our gorgeous dresses specially handpicked by us to help create the perfect festive mood. Be the prettiest at the party and wow everyone else around you! 🙂

We’re really in love with all the pieces this collection and we hope you do too!

IMG_7508 IMG_7510 IMG_7513 IMG_7514

Calista Laser-Cut Tank – $13.50

Perfect for those casual days to school where all you feel like is throwing on a tank and shorts, this look is all demure in front, party in the back with the laser cut-outs. Sexy without violating dress-codes? Count us in!

S: Chest: 30″ PTP:11.8″ Length: 18.8″
M: Chest: 30.7″ PTP:12.2″ Length: 19.5″
L: Chest: 31.4″ PTP:12.6″ Length: 20.2″

Available in sizes XS-XXL and in Orange too.

IMG_7522 IMG_7523 IMG_7524 IMG_7528 IMG_7537 IMG_7542

Gabriella Floral Pants – $20

Thick and stretchy, this pair of floral pants will surely hug and flatter all your curves! dress up easily with a blouse for work or down with a T-shirt for a day out with the girls.

S: Waist: 28″ Hip: 35.8″ Thigh:20.4″ Length:37.4″ Ankle: 11.4″
M: Waist: 29.5″ Hip: 37.3″ Thigh:21″ Length:38″ Ankle: 12″
L: Waist: 31″” Hip: 38.8″ Thigh:21.5″ Length:38.5″ Ankle: 12.5″

IMG_7550 IMG_7553 copy IMG_7559 IMG_7563 IMG_7578 IMG_7579

Noir Bowed Dress – $20

This backless dress combines both cute and flirtatious and looks great on just about anyone. With a flattering flared skirt made of heavy cotton, this dress drapes nicely and enhances your hourglass figure. pair it with a statement necklace, a cute clutch and a nice pair of pumps and you’re good to go!

S: Length:33.5″ Waist:27″ Chest: 29″M: Length:34″ Waist: 29″ Chest: 30″
L: Length:34.5″ Waist: 31″

Available in navy blue too

IMG_7596 IMG_7598 IMG_7603 IMG_7606 IMG_7612 IMG_7623

Selena Peekaboo Dress – $16.50

One of Sheryl’s favourites for this collection, this peekaboo dress features mesh cut-outs over a lush velvet backdrop. Add crossed straps in the back for some extra detail and all you’ll really need for a good night out is your comfiest pair of shoes so you can dance till morning breaks!

Chest:34.6″ Length: 26.7″ Waist: 26.7″

IMG_7636 IMG_7639 IMG_7645 IMG_7649 IMG_7653 IMG_7656 IMG_7664

Priscilia Convertible Dress – $18

Easily the most versatile dress ever, its other name is the infinity dress and with a whole myriad of different ways to wear this, we give it the thumbs up! Perfect for awkward party moments where you spot someone else wearing almost the same outfit as you. Zip into the nearest toilet and come out with a totally new dress! Made of thick jersey so no flashing when you twirl to great music.

Length: 25.9″-31.4″

Available in peach and mint too

IMG_7665 IMG_7669 IMG_7673 IMG_7678 IMG_7683

Penny Embroidered Blouse – $16

Gorgeous floral embroidered details against black chiffon makes this a really unique statement blouse. Pair it with a skirt like Amanda did or pants or anything else really and you’ll look oh so chic! Effortless style is the way this blouse rolls.

S: Chest:34.5″ PTP:15″ Sleeve Length:22.8″ Length: 27″
M: Chest:36.5″ PTP:15.5″ Sleeve Length:23.3″ Length: 27.5″
L: Chest:38.5″ PTP:16″ Sleeve Length:23.8″ Length: 28″

IMG_7692 IMG_7693

Candice Leather Skater Skirt – $16.50

Named after Candice Swanepoel because this skirt, like the VS model is oh so gorgeous! Thick pleather makes this the go-to skirt when you want to channel your inner rock chick. Pair with a chiffon blouse to soften the look or go fierce with a crop top and snapbacks!

S: Length:18.8″ Waist:26″
M: Length:19.2″ Waist:28″
L: Length:19.6″ Waist:30″

IMG_7709 IMG_7712

Mila Tapestry Skirt – $17

Pleather lined and with intricate tapestry patterns, help yourself stand out from the crowd of bandage skirted girls with this piece! Go elegant with a simple blouse or designer by pairing it with another clashing print a lá Moschino and Just Cavalli.

S: Length:15.7″ Waist:30″ Thigh:33″
M: Length:16″ Waist:31″ Thigh:34″
L: Length: 16.5″ Waist:32″ Thigh:35″

IMG_7723 IMG_7726 IMG_7727 IMG_7728 IMG_7732

Leia Embroidered Dress – $22.50

This girly dress in peach will definitely enhance your femininity. Swipe rosy blush across your cheeks and dab on some pink lippie and you’ll be the poster girl for sweetness and charm. Limited pieces available for peach so get yours while stocks last!

Length:30.5″ Waist:27.5″-32″  Chest:32″-35″

Available in Black ($20) and White ($20) too.

IMG_7745 IMG_7747 IMG_7748 IMG_7749 IMG_7753 IMG_7757 IMG_7758

Angelica Silver Lace Dress – $21.50

Amanda’s favourite for this entire collection(look how happy she is!), this grey lace dress in a heavy cotton will be definite hit at parties, with a chiffon tie-back and ribboned sweetheart neckline, be the belle of the occasion effortlessly. Wear a great smile, and some killer heels too while you’re at it and all eyes will be on you!

Length: 23.6″ Waist: 26.7″ Chest:33.8″

Available in white and black too

Collection 4

Hi everyone! Our sincere apologies for the uber late launch of our collection 4. We all took turns going overseas for school and leisure trips and did not have time to do a photoshoot until recently.

Also, we have received feedback that collection 3 has been a little slow to dispatch and we just want to say thank you to those who have been so understanding as we ran into quite a few problems with our suppliers! We will work to improve on our efficiency so do continue lending us your support 🙂

Alright, without further ado, we present to you Collection 4!

Happy shopping! 😀

IMG_6334 IMG_6340 IMG_6345 IMG_6357

Abigail Pullover – $16.00

Length: 18.5″ Sleeve: 22.4″ Chest/Waist: 36.2″ Around

IMG_6359 IMG_6360 IMG_6372 IMG_6384

Marianne Lace Top – $17.50

S: Chest: 32″ Waist: 28″ Length: 24.5″

M: Chest: 33.5″ Waist: 29.5″ Length: 25″

L: Chest: 35.5″ Waist: 31.5″ Length: 25.5″

XL: Chest 37″ Waist: 33″ Length 26″

Available in Black too

IMG_6396 IMG_6399 IMG_6420


Kendra Faded Floral Shirt – $20.50 (SOLD OUT)

S: Ptp: 15″ Chest: 33.5″ Sleeve Length: 23.5″

M: Ptp: 15.5″ Chest: 35″ Sleeve Length: 24.5″

L: Ptp: 16″ Chest: 36.5″ Sleeve Length: 25.5″

IMG_6432 IMG_6440  IMG_6444

Gwen Ribbed Midriff Top – $12.50

Length: 24″ Chest: 31.5″-41″ Waist: 25.5″-39″

Available in Black, Orange, Light Pink, Light Blue

IMG_6449 IMG_6451 IMG_6455 IMG_6468 IMG_6471 IMG_6473

Nicolette Striped Cardigan – $20.00

Length: 27.5″ Sleeve Length: 28″

IMG_6491 IMG_6492 IMG_6510 IMG_6536

Diana Cape Blouse – $19.00

Length: 24.5″ Chest: 33″

Available in White too

IMG_6557 IMG_6575 IMG_6576

Gladys Scalloped Skirt – $13.00

Waist: 28-40″ Length: 18″

Available in Black too


Thank you for all your support so far! 😀

Collection 3

Hey babes!

We apologise for the really delayed launch of Collection 3. Things have been so busy for the three of us lately but rest assured that we are still striving towards bringing y’all affordable clothing of good quality. Thank goodness the busy period is about to end which means you’d be expecting faster launches real soon! We would also like to thank y’all for the tremendous support and influx of orders despite us not updating regularly. Rest assured that all orders are processed swiftly!

However, due to our busy schedules at the moment, we will not be offering meet-ups for all future orders but not to worry, we will still be efficient in mailing our your items the moment we have them on hand! 🙂

In this new collection, Of Wine And Ribbons have decided to incorporate two new items: namely Amanda’s handmade flower hairband and a pair of lovely heels. We hope you will like this collection as much as we do!

Shop away 😀






Long Sleeved Swallow Blouse $14.00

S: Chest: 37.5″ Length: 24.5″ Sleeve Length: 21″
M: Chest: 38.5″ Length: 25.5″ Sleeve Length: 22″
L: Chest: 39.5″ Length: 26.5″ Sleeve Length: 23″







Valencia Black Maxi $18.00
Comes with a silky inner slip

S: Length: 49″ Chest: 31.5″ Inner Slip: 25″
M: Length: 49″ Chest: 33″ Inner Slip: 26.5″L: Length: 49″ Chest: 34.5″ Inner Slip: 28″

Available in White too







Lisa Maxi Skirt $14.00

Waist: 22″ – 34″

Available in Black, Navy Blue and Cream






Jasmine Checkered Dress $16.00

Chest: 35″ Length: 31.5″ Waist: 35.5″

Also available in light blue, dark blue and black please email us for photos 🙂





Anna Dress $15.00 (SOLD OUT)

S:Length: 31.5″ Shoulder width: 12.5″  Chest: 31.5″  Waist: 28″
M:Length: 32″ Shoulder width: 12.5″ Chest: 33″  Waist:29.5″
L:Length:32.5″ Shoulder width: 13″ Chest:34.5″  Waist:31″






Tricia Dress $19.00 (SOLD OUT)

S: Length: 29.5″ Chest: 33″ Waist: 27″ Skirt length: 15″
M: Length:30″  Chest: 34.5″ Waist: 28.” Skirt length: 15.5″

Available in dark blue too

Featuring our premium pieces:








 Rosella Dress $21.00

S:   Shoulder width: 15.5″ Chest: 33″ Waist: 27.5″ Length: 31.5″
M:   Shoulder width: 15.7″ Chest: 34.5″ Waist: 29″ Length: 32″
L:   Shoulder width: 16″ Chest: 36″ Waist: 30.5″ Length: 33″






Amelia Dress $18.50

S:Length: 31.5″ Chest: 33″ Waist: 27.5″
M:Length: 31.5″ Chest: 34.5″ Waist: 29″
L:Length: 32″   Chest: 36″  Waist: 30.5″

Available in Black too



Julie Heels $20.00 (SOLD OUT)

Sizes from 34 – 39,
Also available in Rose Pink, Orange, White, Blue

Please note that normal postage for shoes is $3.75 (add $2.35 for registered postage)






Floral Headband $7.00

Floral hairband lovingly made by Amanda
Please take note that there is a waiting time of one week.





Calis Tank Top – $14.00

Chest: 29″  Length: 27.5″ Underbust: 39.5″






Esmeralda Chiffon Pants – $16.00

Waist: 23.5″-43″ Length: 37.5″

Also available in black, peach, maroon, navy, nude, orange, emerald, black and white polka dots.





Celestia Stacked Heels – $25.00

Sizes 35 – 39

also available in mustard.

Please note that normal postage for shoes is $3.75 (add $2.35 for registered postage)

Collection 2

Hello lovelies! The long awaited Collection 2 is finally here! We’re more than excited to launch this collection, especially after the overwhelming response and support received for Collection 1. A great big thank you to all who’d shopped with us and supported us on social media. We love all of you!<3 Without further ado, here’s collection 2. Enjoy and happy shopping!




Erica Dress  $15.00

S- PTP: 15″ Waist: 13″ Length: 32.5″

M- PTP: 16″ Waist: 13.5″ Length: 33.5″

L- PTP: 17″ Waist: 14: Length: 34″

Available in black, white,maroon, watermelon pink, turquoise and light sapphire




Marie Lace Dress $22.50 (SOLD OUT)

S- PTP: 16″ Length: 33″

M- PTP: 17″ Length: 34″

L- PTP: 18″ Length: 34.5″

Available in black and white





Angela Bodycon Dress $14.00

Can be worn as a top too! Material is stretchy and of good quality.

S- PTP: 15.5″  Waist: 15.5″  Length: 32.5″

M- PTP: 16″ Waist: 16″ Length: 33″

L- PTP: 16.5″ Waist: 16″ Length: 33.5″






Samantha Sunflower Romper $13.50

S- PTP (stretchable): 12-16″ Waist: 16″ Length (With straps): 30″

M- PTP (stretchable): 12-16″ Waist: 17″ Length (With straps): 30″




Poppy Dress $17.50 (SOLD OUT)

S- PTP: 16″ Waist: 12.5″ Length: 27.5″

M- PTP: 17″ Waist: 14″ Length: 28″

L- PTP: 18″ Waist: 16.5″ Length: 29″

Available in other floral prints too, email us for pictures 🙂




Sophie Lace Top $15.00

S- PTP: 17″ Sleeve opening: 9.5″  Length (front): 20″ Length (back): 25.5″

M- PTP: 17.5″ Sleeve opening: 10″ Length (front): 21″ Length (back): 26″

L- PTP: 18″ Sleeve opening: 10.5″ Length (front): 21.5″ Length (back): 27″

Available in white and baby blue



Cassandra Suspender Skirt $12.50

S- Waist: 25″ Length: 14″ Length of straps (adjustable): 30.5″

M- Waist: 26″ Length: 15″ Length of straps (adjustable): 30.5″

Available in pastel yellow, pastel purple and peach




Alexis Asymmetrical Leather Skirt $17.00

S- Waist: 25″ Hips: 32″ Length: 12.5″

M- Waist: 26.5″ Hips: 33″ Length: 12.5″

L- Waist: 28″ Hips: 34″ Length: 12.5″



Veronica Skater Dress $10.00

Available in black

PTP: 11″(stretchy) Length: 24.5″



Jessica Lace Shorts $13.50

S- Waist: 26″ Hips: 30″ Length: 11″

M- Waist: 27.5″ Hips: 30.5″ Length: 11″

L- Waist: 29″ Hips: 32″ Length: 11.5″

Available in Black and White too

We are also very pleased to announce that the following gorgeous iPhone cases are available for purchase. Both designs available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.




Iphone Case 1 (Get Lost) and 2 (Boho Girl) both $5.00 each

Photography by Sheryl, with the help of Vera and Amanda.

Collection 1

Welcome to Of Wine and Ribbons! We are all very excited for our first collection and hope you are too! Since this is our first baby step towards opening a full blogshop, we’ll start small and safe with a Pre-Order Basis.

All items are carefully and lovingly selected and quality checked by us, we only sell the good stuff!

Orders will be made at the end of every week or once we hit 20 orders whichever is faster, so do expect to wait for 1 – 2 weeks before we mail it out. To order, click on the order form tab above and fill it in, we will then get back to you with an invoice once payment has been confirmed 🙂

Each collection will last for a month before we switch things up! So do keep a lookout on our Facebook Page and Instagram 🙂


Penelope maxi dress $18.00 (SOLD OUT)

PTP: 15″ Length: 46.5″



Phoebe denim skirt $13.50

XS – Waist: 12.5″ Length: 15″
S – Waist: 13″Length: 15.5″
M – Waist: 14″ Length:  15.5″
L – Waist: 15″ Length: 16″




Nicole leopard dress $16.00

XS – PTP: 13.5″ Waist: 13″ Length: 32″
S – PTP: 14″ Waist: 13.5″ Length: 32.5″
M – PTP: 14″ Waist: 14″ Length: 33″
L – PTP: 14.5″ Waist 14.5″ Length: 33.5″




Felicia floral top $15.00 (SOLD OUT)

PTP: 17″ Arm Opening: 8″ Sleeve: 16.5″Length: 28″




Edelweiss asymmetrical floral dress $17.50 (SOLD OUT)

S – PTP: 16″ Waist: 10″ – 15.5″ Shortest Length: 30″ Longest Length: 46.5 ”
M – PTP: 16.5″ Waist: 10.5″ – 16″ Shortest Length: 30.5″ Longest Length: 47″
L – PTP: 17″ Waist: 11″ – 16.5″ Shortest Length: 31″ Longest Length: 47.5″




Emily ombre maxi skirt $17.00

Waist: 10″ – 18″ Length: 33.5 “

Available in Blue, Orange, Pink and Yellow too




Kate printed dress $16.00

SPTP: 14″ Sleeve : 7″ Length: 33″
M – PTP: 15″ Sleeve: 8″ Length: 34″
L – PTP: 16″ Sleeve: 9″ Length: 35″




Ashleigh bodycon dress $12.50

PTP: 15″ Length: 29.5″

Available in Navy Blue too




Ellie printed jacket $20

S – PTP: 18″ Sleeve: 23.5″ Length: 26.5″
M – PTP: 18.5″ Sleeve: 24″ Length: 27″
L – PTP: 19″ Sleeve 25″ Length: 27.5″




Hannah velvet skirt $13.50

Waist: 11.5″ – 15″ Length: 17.5″

Available in Sapphire, Wine Red and Black too

Victoria Victoria


Victoria lace top $10

PTP: 13.5″Arm Opening: 7.5″ Length: 24.5″

Available in Almond too

Photography by Jingxuan and Shu. To contact Jingxuan, Instagram: bonjourcestlavie Blog: