Terms & Conditions

We here at Of Wine and Ribbons are a really warm, friendly and loving trio and we wish to bring you the best possible service so please don’t make yourself hard to love!

Here are some of the absolute taboos for any blogshop:

1. Copyright

All images are to be used by Of Wine and Ribbons and buyers for re-sale purposes only, do contact us if you want to use our images for reasons other than the above.

2. Dead Buyers

Submission of order form indicates an intention to purchase. Since we currently operate on a pre-order basis, do be patient and willing to wait 🙂

Buyers who do not make payment within 48 hours will be blacklisted.

3. Payment

Payment should be done within 48 hours unless a prior agreement has been made between you and Of Wine and Ribbons.

Please also provide your transaction number if you are paying via iBanking or a snapshot of your receipt for proof of payment if you are paying via ATM transfer.

We do not accept Cash on Delivery due to the nature of our business.

4. Fraud

Lying is not good for health so please do not claim to have made payment if you have not done so.

5. Delivery

Of Wine and Ribbons are an efficient bunch, thus, all items will be mailed out within 2 working days upon receival of shipping. We are not liable for lost mail of normal postage packages and always recommend registered postage. In the event of lost mail, we will do our best to contact Singpost for any information regarding the missing parcel.

6. Returns & Exchanges

All measurements and sizings have been listed so we do not accept returns due to sizing problems.

We will take absolute care to scrutinize every piece before mailing it out but in the event that we do miss out a few defects, do let us know and we will either mend it for you if its fixable or make a full refund.

Exchanges are only allowed on a case-by-case basis as we may not have available instocks on hand.

All returns and exchanges should be done within 2 weeks upon receival of your item and must be returned to us in the exact condition as we sent it out.


2 thoughts on “Terms & Conditions

  1. Hi!

    I am interested in the Alexis asymmetrical leather skirt. First, is it real leather? Second, do you ship to the UK?



  2. Hi Sevilay!

    It is not real leather but is still pretty soft to the touch and feels pretty authentic! And yes we do ship internationally but the shipping costs will have to be borne by the buyer (:

    With Love,
    Of Wine and Ribbons

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